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About Some slogan text here.... The name “this house would…” comes from the use of its abbreviation THW frequently in the beginning of a debate topic. When a topic is introduced, THW implies that..... Watch a cool video tutorial. Brought to you by NYC Tech Club. "You will become a Pro! with the Slider Revolution plugin for WordPress after watching this video." Go back Watch video

Podcast Series. Created for debaters and those interested in entering the activity debate, these short episodes will explain the basics of debate and starting/operating a debate club. In featuring the occasional guests, they will give insight into their methods and experiences. Created for the general audience and those interested in listening to young debaters, these episodes will showcase a comedic and carefree take on debate with a focus on articulating points. As well, the debates will aim to finish off with each debater’s personal stance on the dilemma. Debate 101 This House Debates On That! Created for the general audience interested in exploring topics with in-depth analysis and debaters, these episodes will be broken down into four 10 minute sections: characterizing the topic, framing the problems in the topic, analyzing the problem, and impacting the problem with a conclusion on what we, as individuals, can do next.

Heather Heather is the founder and director of the podcast and the host of ‘This House Debates’. She is a current third year student at the University of Toronto, and has been a debater for the past seven years and a coach for four.

She’s had a bone to pick with accessibility in debate since she was in grade 10, and feels that this podcast is a small step in the right direction in providing knowledge and delivering fun debates and discussions to the audience. She hopes that the podcast can become a helpful guide for anyone and everyone.

In her spare time, Heather is an avid gardener and names all her plants, her favourite being a strawberry plant aptly named StrawBB; though, she had the most fun uprooting a bunch of old onions named after the Trump family.
Ain't that a start!
Nicole Nicole is the co-host and producer of the Debate 101 Series and the legal advisor of the podcast. She is an LLB law graduate from Vancouver who studied at King’s College London in the UK. She debated competitively both on the national and international level throughout high school and has experience in coaching debate and public speaking, as well, so she is excited to draw on her previous experiences to make debate more accessible through the podcast. When she is not mulling over legal texts, she enjoys visiting different cafes and dessert spots around the city in search of the best coffee and tiramisu cake. You have to see it to believe it. Reza Reza is the host of the series On That! and serves as an internal director of This House Would. He is currently a third year student attending the Ivey School of Business at Western University and is entering his seventh year of debating and sixth year of coaching.

Reza is drawn on his passion to increase the awareness and understanding of major issues and provide better context to the biggest problems we face today. When he isn’t finding ways to improve societal discourse, you can find him cheering on the Raptors or trying to find the best shawarma joints in town.
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Noah Noah is the co-host and of the Debate 101 series and the competitive advisor to the series. He is entering his final year at the University of Toronto and hopes to study education afterwards. He has debated for far too long, starting in grade 7, and still isn’t tired of it after 10 years. After being involved in coaching and judging the high school circuit, Noah has seen the difference that access to teaching resources can make, and hopes to provide an entry point for newcomers. In fact, his only greater passion than debate is K-pop girl groups, which he has also religiously followed for the last decade. Ask him for his opinions at your own peril. Ain't that a start! Eric Eric is the Lead Technician and Producer of the podcast, bringing the ideas, content, and voices of the other members into a publishable episode for you the viewer! He is a fourth year student at the University of Toronto studying Pharmacology and Human Biology, with a passion for music and content creation. Before coming on board, he had over 5 years of home studio recording experience, and is on his way to make meaningful content with THW. He loves to stir up conversation about the latest bioethics question and somehow finagle a terribly executed dad joke in the middle of otherwise normal banter. Ain't that a start! Cindy bio here Ain't that a start!

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